MVP Unleashed: Crafting the Perfect Product Definition

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MVP Unleashed: Crafting the Perfect Product Definition for the 1st Product release and Mastering the Art

In the past years we learned, that there are different expectations and understandings when it comes to MVP solutions for digital products. Our clients sometimes have difficulties to get their stakeholders to understand, that a digital product, that does not cover all of the desired business goals and needs of all target groups within a 1.0 release, still provides an important value for its users. It serves as a relevance and quality check for the overall value proposition. This masterclass targets audiences that are hustling to provide a valuable MVP solution and gives also advice on how to master the MVP definition while always keeping the team on track.

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Topics include:

  • Current challenges regarding MVP development approach
  • What to consider when defining a MVP solution for digital products
  • How to prioritize relevant user stories for MVP


  • 17:00 - 17:20

    Masterclass MVP Unleashed: Crafting the Perfect Product Definition (in English)

    Annika Lewandowski
  • 17:20 - 17:30


    Annika Lewandowski

Meet Annika Lewandowski, Forte Digital's Consulting Director. With a wealth of experience, Annika excels at defining perfect products for their first releases. In the digital world, she adapts her strategies to changing expectations for MVPs, making her a trusted guide for clients.

Annika has a strong background in Digital Consulting and Agile Project Management, working with clients like AUDI and MPREIS. Before joining Forte Digital, she was the managing partner at a web agency, refining her leadership and strategic vision.

Her journey showcases expertise in crafting impactful product definitions and steering projects with agility and efficiency. Annika's commitment to excellence and her proven track record make her a valuable asset to Forte Digital, shaping the landscape of digital product development.

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