Forte Digital realizes intranet relaunch for DRK Kliniken Berlin and connects more than 4,000 employees

Forte Digital convinces with digital product expertise and takes responsibility for the relaunch of the new DRK Kliniken Berlin intranet. The core product objective is the increase of exchange among their employees. The collaboration includes the conception, design and development of the corporate platform.

One single source of truth

Forte Digital is leading the successful relaunch of the DRK Kliniken Berlin intranet. The new intranet is the central point of contact for more than 4,000 employees and was officially launched in March 2023. It offers a variety of features such as a personalized profile, a home page with a news feed that only covers individual areas of interest, an improved search function, and the ability to create news yourself via a front-end editorial team. The goal is to promote exchange among employees, make all documentation available online and thus create a central source of information to increase personal involvement and fun.

"We are very proud of the successful collaboration with DRK Kliniken Berlin and the relaunch of the new intranet," said Joachim Bader, Managing Partner of Forte Digital Central Europe. "We worked closely with employees to ensure the intranet was user-friendly and easy to navigate. As part of the redesign, particular emphasis was placed on providing the best possible user experience. We are confident that the new intranet will improve collaboration and efficiency within the company."

The portal's design was developed based on the DRK Kliniken Berlin CI and designed responsively with a mobile-first approach. Another focus was laid on the selection of the technical ecosystem. Here, the joint team placed particular emphasis on a "Future Friendly" system that could also be adjusted and easily adapted to future requirements. In addition - and particularly important in the healthcare sector - a lot of emphasis was placed on security and data protection.

Clear expectations

The collaboration between DRK Kliniken Berlin and Forte Digital kicked off in 2018 and since then many joint projects have already been implemented. For example, a dedicated career portal was developed and launched in 2022. The result was a clearly measurable increase in the number of applicants. Similar success is now expected for the new intranet. "I've become a power user," reveals Dr. Christian Friese, CEO of DRK Kliniken Berlin. "It's just fun to be able to quickly and easily share interesting information directly with all employees. In this way, the new intranet also strengthens the sense of community. And it is an important step in our digitization strategy. We will gradually develop the new intranet into a digital employee portal."

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