Forte Digital to Aid Frontline in Achieving Its Sustainability Goals

Frontline, one of the world's largest shipping companies, enters into a strategic partnership with Forte Digital. The consulting company will assist the shipping giant in harnessing the potential of various emerging technologies.

– Forte Digital is a leading company in its field. We have gained a technology and digitization partner that has delivered excellent results for some of Norway's largest businesses. We were particularly impressed with their approach to data platforms and intelligent data utilization," says Marius Aasen of Frontline. Forte Digital er et bransjeledende selskap innenfor sitt område.

John Kårikstad, CEO of Forte Digital, is excited about collaborating on several exciting digitization projects with one of the world's most modern shipping companies.

– We are very pleased to have earned Frontline's trust and look forward to building on much of the work already done. The shipping industry is undergoing changes and faces numerous new and exciting opportunities and challenges. Increased digitization and smarter use of data through data platforms will enhance Frontline's competitiveness, innovation power, and flexibility, says Kårikstad.

Fra venstre: Petter Schultz, Head of Cloud Platforms i Forte Digital, Marius Aasen, Head of Decarbonization & Digitalization i Frontline, John Kårikstad, CEO i Forte Digital.

Investing in Data Platforms

New technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, and predictive modeling have gained momentum in the shipping industry in recent years. At the same time, an increasing number of players in the industry must also address new requirements related to safety and sustainability.

Marius Aasen has ambitions to use data to address some of these challenges. He believes that data platforms are the key.

– Before even considering the adoption of new and exciting technologies like machine learning or AI, one must gain control over their data by building a strong digital foundation. Together with Forte Digital, we have built a data platform that facilitates our ability to explore and adopt all the fantastic technology currently gaining momentum in our industry. For us, it could involve automating manual tasks, streamlining reporting, or working smarter in innovation, says Aasen.

Forte Digital skal hjelpe Frontline med å nå sine bærekraftsmål.

Digitize to Decarbonize 

Aasen, Head of Decarbonization & Digitalization, believes that smart use of data and new digital technology will help Frontline meet future climate requirements in a cost-effective manner.

– We must focus on efficiency and energy savings before exploring alternative energy sources. We are currently working on implementing our 'digitize to decarbonize strategy.' Here, we actively use data to monitor, reduce, and report CO2 emissions from our fleet. The data platform we have built will be crucial in this effort.

Frontline's fleet is the most modern tanker fleet on the water, with an average age of approximately 5 years. This makes it one of the youngest and most energy-efficient fleets in the industry. Frontline is dedicated to optimizing operations, management, and technical maintenance through intelligent data use, believing it to be essential in meeting the demands of investors, banks, insurance companies, and regulations over the next 5 years.