For the future of digital health: Wort & Bild Publishing and Forte Digital announce strategic partnership

Christof Zahneissen, Sandra Dittrich, Joachim Bader (von links)
The Wort & Bild publishing group and Forte Digital are joining forces to drive forward the digital transformation in the healthcare sector. The aim is to develop state-of-the-art digital tools, platforms and services that improve access to healthcare information and enable more efficient healthcare provision. In addition, Sandra Dittrich, Managing Director of 720 Health, will become the new Industry Lead for Health and Publishing at Forte Digital.

The aim is to create a powerful innovation unit to support the Wort & Bild publishing group in the transformation of its core business and to offer services to other customers. The combination of expertise in the field of health content and sound know-how in the development of digital products and business ideas creates a special synergy.

"With 720 Health, we have succeeded in establishing a digital health innovation unit within just one year that has the right prerequisites to continue growing together with Forte Digital, to continue to grow together with Forte Digital and address new markets", says Andreas Arntzen, CEO of Wort & Bild publishing group. "This partnership is a catalyst for the implementation of our digital strategy and the development and introduction of new digital offerings and services for the healthcare market.".

Sandra Dittrich (middle), Christof Zahneissen (left) and Joachim Bader (right), Managing Partner Forte Digital Central Europe

"In collaboration with Forte Digital, new opportunities are opening up for 720 Health, that will drive our growth and enable exciting projects in an internationally positioned digital consultancy", emphasizes Sandra Dittrich, Managing Director of 720 Health.

Forte Digital, known for its expertise in digital product and business development, is looking forward to the collaboration. "Our target groups are publishers, media and digital health companies. The 720 Health team is ideal for us as our focus is on optimizing platform solutions and improving the user experience in the publishing and healthcare sector. Here we see a great need for support in digital transformation", says Christof Zahneissen, Managing Partner of Forte Digital. "With word & image, we look forward to creating a joint product and service development for the healthcare market and addressing the changing needs of patients, healthcare professionals and the broader healthcare ecosystem."

Sandra Dittrich, Managing Director of 720 Health, a subsidiary of the Wort & Bild publishing group, will also become Industry Lead Health & Publishing at Forte Digital, and the 720 Health team will be integrated into Forte Digital.

The topics of digital transformation, building new business and user-centered product development run like a red thread through Sandra Dittrich's vita. Previously, she was Managing Director of Isartal Health Media, which also belongs to the Wort & Bild Group, and held management positions at Süddeutsche Zeitung, where she was involved in the digital strategy of Süddeutsche Zeitung and led various digital innovation projects to success. Sandra Dittrich studied social and business communication at the Berlin University of the Arts.