Måsøval chooses Forte Digital as a strategic partner

Merder Måsøval
– Måsøval has ambitions to be one of the leading companies in sustainable aquaculture. Smart use of data, new digital technology and automation will contribute to this, says Gunnar Aftret, Finance Director at Måsøval.

Måsøval AS are pioneers in Norwegian aquaculture and since 1973 have participated in the development of a large number of companies within the aquaculture industry in the Trøndelag region. With Forte Digital as a strategic partner, they now want to digitize large parts of the business to create lasting competitive advantages.

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– Automation, digitization and new technology are absolutely essential for our daily operations. With Forte Digital on the team, we will become even better at automating the collection of the most important fish health data in our own platform. This will give our operations a better starting point to make good decisions, says Henny Førde, head of sales and logistics.

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A new industry

Forte Digital currently has large Norwegian businesses such as NorgesGruppen, Flokk and OBOS on its client list. Here we work at the intersection of technology, design and consultancy and have specialized in building digital platforms to use data smartly and more efficiently.

John Kårikstad points out that the partnership with Måsøval represents something "completely new" for Forte Digital.

- The marine industry is a completely new and exciting industry for us. We naturally know a lot about innovation processes and the development of digital products and services based on the clients we have today. I believe the principles for how we work and how we create value together with our clients, are the same regardless of industry. Especially when it comes to our approach to interdisciplinary teams, digital platforms and smart use of data. Exploring new digital technology is important in all industries, Kårikstad points out.

A healthy fish is good business

The Norwegian government's aquaculture strategy 2021 estimates a fivefold increase in salmon production and a sixfold increase in value creation in the aquaculture industry over the next 40 years. Good fish health and sustainable development are pointed out as a prerequisite for this growth. Måsøval believes that new technology and digital platforms will contribute to sustainable growth and profitability.

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– Good fish health is good business. Our footprint for future generations should be as small as possible. At the same time, the world needs more sustainable protein, and salmon is one of the most resource-efficient things we can produce. With Forte Digital on the team, we will work purposefully with this work, says Andreas Skagøy, head of fish health in Måsøval.