Digital strategies and roadmaps

Based on insight into user’s needs and your commercial goals, we develop digital strategies that equip your business to adapt to change more swiftly and effectively.

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Digital strategy

We combine strategy with a deep knowledge of design and technology, which ensures that all elements of the strategy can be implemented in practice and with the desired effect.

A good digital strategy is one that can be changed and adapted continuously according to needs. To implement this, it is important to have the necessary insight, the correct tools and not least a modern IT architecture that allows your business to stay ahead of the changes.

We merge technology know-how, insight, service design and business understanding when we create digital strategies and roadmaps. We know from experience that it is this interdisciplinary combination that provides the best results. We develop strategies that ensure digital success for your business.

A platform strategy based on modern architecture

Today, the vast majority of companies have a digital strategy that aims to support their most important goals and strategies. The goals that have been selected are often difficult to achieve because they have to relate to different system portfolios, which makes it difficult to utilize the available insight and data.

This data can be used, for example, to develop customer-focused and value-adding products and services, to personalize communications, or to predict end-user behavior. By doing so you gain strategic advantages because you are able to utilize critical data in your digital solutions.

Better utilization and availability of your data, combined with the use of external data sources will ensure that you can reach your full business potential. This can be done using an up-to-date platform strategy based on modern architecture that enables and enriches the value of your existing business systems. We call this type of solution a digital service platform.

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    NIBIO maps Norwegian agricultural land. Aggregated statistics for Norwegian municipalities and counties are made publicly available through a service NIBIO has called the area barometer. The information in the area survey provides an important basis for decision-makers and contributes to increased knowledge and awareness about Norwegian agriculture, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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    Volvat's new platform is a solution based on Episerver DXC. With an all-in-one solution, Volvat has a more secure and stable operation while having product support, when needed. A new insurance portal has also been developed that provides effective access to documents for business customers. The solution enhances the customer care process – the overall customer experience and provides a better flow of information.

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