About us

Forte Digital is a multinational professional services company that specializes in technology, design and strategy. We have offices in Norway (Oslo), Germany (Berlin), Poland (Kraków and Katowice) and Denmark (Copenhagen).

Our interdisciplinary teams create digital products and services in close collaboration with our clients. We create long-term solutions built on digital service platforms.

In the summer of 2017, a small group of experienced consultants based in Oslo and Kraków decided to start a consulting company with a difference. It has been an adventure from day one. What started as a small group of technologists has today become an interdisciplinary knowledge hub with close to 300 experts who work every day to help our clients succeed in their digital ventures.

Who we are

Forte Digital is an interdisciplinary knowledge hub that provides our clients with access to market-leading expertise in product and service development, platform architecture, service and graphic design, UX and digital business development. This enables us to help our clients achieve their business goals, streamline their operations, create the best user experiences and produce the right conditions for long-term growth.

What we do

Forte Digital acts as a long-term digital partner for our clients. This means that we assist you in developing new digital solutions, new tools, new knowledge and new technology. Our deep technological expertise allows us to focus on exceptional user experiences and business development. We create tailored solutions for ambitious companies that want to succeed in their digital ventures.

How we do it

In collaboration with our clients, we develop digital products and services with a long-term focus. Every challenge and problem requires different perspectives in order to create the optimal solution. At Forte Digital, we believe the development of digital services and products is best done in interdisciplinary teams consisting of designers, technologists and business developers who share a common goal and desire to create the best solutions for our clients and their end users.

Why we do it

We are all exposed to digital impressions and experiences every single day. Regardless of what we do, how we live, or where we travel – regardless of time, place, and situation – we want to get good user experiences.

At Forte Digital, we help to ensure that these experiences are exceptional, simple and relevant for the end user – something that people really need. By employing smart and seamless solutions, we create services that become an integral and important part of everyday life.