Forte Digital adds new senior leadership appointments to its roster

Berlin-based Digital Consultancy Forte Digital was able to land digital experience pundit, Florian Besendörfer, as their new Director Experience and furthermore adds Mandy-Lee Smarz, Head of HR and Recruiting, to round up their operations management.

Berlin, March 9th, 2023 – Florian Besendörfer has dedicated over a decade of his career to the field of experience design and management. He has worked with a diverse range of clients, such as Tesa, Beiersdorf und Kollex; from startups to large multinational corporations, and has honed his skills to become a true expert in the experience design field. With his deep understanding of the design craft and his business expertise, Besendörfer is poised to build a strong experience design capability for Forte Digital Central Europe.

"We're thrilled to welcome Florian to the Forte Digital team to drive our user and customer experience strategies and operations in the DACH region," said Joachim Bader, Managing Partner at Forte Digital. “Florian has a track record of building strategic teams and positioning design across multiple industry accounts, and he will be highly valuable as we continue to expand Forte Digital’s offering for medium-sized companies and international corporations in a fast-growing German team.”

Following his experience as a product and experience designer with leading agencies in Milan and Hamburg, Florian expanded his expertise by joining Accenture Consulting and Accenture Song. During his tenure, he worked with prominent business consulting and digital agency brands, including dgroup, SinnerSchrader and Fjord. In his roles as Experience Director and Principle he has played a pivotal role in establishing strategic design teams and driving design excellence across a wide range of industry accounts. His efforts have been instrumental in inspiring innovation, generating new business opportunities, and creating value for all stakeholders involved.

“Drawing on my design expertise, I take great pleasure in bridging the gap between design and business, inspiring creative minds to develop innovative ideas and tackle complex challenges. I am truly thrilled to be part of Forte Digital’s talented team and I’m committed to cultivating a strong culture of customer-centricity to deliver impactful solutions to our clients,” concludes Besendörfer.

New Head of HR & Recruiting

Our management team is stacking up as we also welcome our new Head of HR and Recruiting, Mandy-Lee Smarz, to the team. With her years of experience in the recruiting field, she has developed a keen eye for identifying the most qualified and talented candidates. Her extensive network of industry contacts and her proven track record of building relationships will undoubtedly drive Forte Digital to tapping into a wider pool of potential candidates.

Smarz is joining Forte Digital from scale up and leader on the French tech recruitment market, With Smarz on the team, Forte Digital continues to build a strong and diverse team that reflects their commitment to excellence and innovation in the tech industry. “Mandy-Lee’s skills and expertise will be essential in identifying and recruiting top talent in a highly competitive market, while also nurturing trust, growth, and culture by building a strong human resource core,” says Bader.

“My aim is to foster a corporate culture that enables every employee to fully immerse themselves in their work with ease and efficiency. By doing so, we can not only achieve ambitious goals collaboratively but also promote employee satisfaction and growth”, concludes Smarz.

At Forte Digital, strategy, user experience and technology in digital product development merge with a unique, pragmatic working model, which has propelled the company to become the fastest-growing digital consultancy in Scandinavia. Their unique approach allows Forte Digital to rapidly and efficiently deliver digital solutions to their clients, driving growth through digital success. With the addition of two experienced leaders to their team, Forte Digital is poised for future success.