Data at the center of MENY's new customer club

With the customer club "MENY Mer," MENY is focusing on personalized and tailor-made customer experiences. Forte Digital has been involved in building the loyalty program for Norway's leading supermarket.

– We need to give customers more of what they actually like. Based on previous purchases, they will now receive more and more relevant offers, as well as more tailored food inspiration, says Normann-Larsen.

MENY is Norway's leading supermarket with up to 15,000 different products in its assortment throughout the year. Each week, the chain offers several hundred items on sale. The goal is to create customer experiences based on relevance and personalization.

John Kårikstad, CEO of Forte Digital, and Jørgen Normann-Larsen, CMO at MENY.

– Some want a juicy steak, others freshly caught cod or perhaps an Indian lentil stew. Some live in large families, others alone. To ensure our relevance in an increasingly complex food market, we must know our customers and provide them with offers and tips they truly appreciate and use. If we don't, we may eventually lose our important role in Norway's food industry, says Normann-Larsen.

350 000 registrations

MENY quietly launched the customer club on March 11. External marketing began in week 16. Already, 350,000 customers have signed up.

– The number of registrations has exceeded all expectations and shows that food-loving Norwegians want great offers and more relevant inspiration. I also believe that many are enticed by the fact that they receive a 10 percent Trumf bonus on their first purchase, Trumf bonuses on several items, and twice as many personal offer coupons each month, says Normann-Larsen in the same press release.

Norway's largest food channel

"MENY Mer" is an extension of existing digital services such as online shopping, digital shopping lists, digital receipts, digital complaints handling, as well as overview of personal savings, dietary insights, and carbon footprint.

Through, which with its 60 million annual visits is Norway's largest food channel, MENY knows a lot about eating habits and food trends. 60 percent of the searches on the website are for recipes and food articles. In total, contains 4500 food recipes.

– Now, the first chapter for 'MENY Mer' begins. What the next chapter will entail is too early to say, but with the ambition to become the loyalty program Norwegians are most satisfied with, combined with our goal of being Norway's leading supermarket, it's clear that we want to invest a lot in the program in the years to come, concludes Normann-Larsen.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Forte Digital works closely with the various chains within NorgesGruppen to actively utilize customer data.

John Kårikstad, CEO of Forte Digital, believes that it is loyalty programs that manage to build good omnichannel customer experiences that will win customer loyalty.

Working according to "omnichannel principles" is about emphasizing the holistic and long-term relationship with the customer, rather than solely focusing on the purchase transaction as the "gold standard." Kårikstad believes smart use of data and digital platforms is a prerequisite for achieving this.

– Being omnichannel is important because it ensures that the shopping experience happens on the customer's terms. It's about understanding the entire customer journey, how physical and digital touchpoints can complement each other, and how best to set up to meet the expectations of the "phygital" customer, says Kårikstad.

Kårikstad praises MENY and NorgesGruppen for their long-term thinking regarding data platforms and strategic use of customer data.

Kårikstad explains that offering hyper-personalization across different channels can be challenging, as it requires careful consideration of how data is collected, managed, and utilized.

At the same time, he commends MENY and NorgesGruppen for their long-term thinking regarding data platforms and strategic use of customer data.

– NorgesGruppen has truly succeeded in this. They know what customers are interested in, offer relevant marketing about these products, and provide tips and advice based on behavior and shopping patterns. Over time, they have built up IT systems that are geared for extensive data capture. It is when this data is made accessible and used in a smart way that the magic happens. In this manner, MENY can truly personalize the customer experience across all channels, create lasting competitive advantages, and establish a world-class loyalty program.

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