Digital agency Webfox and digital product studio PizzaPizza become part of Forte Digital

Scandinavian digital consulting success model is strengthened in Germany by adding expertise in product management and design.

Successful digital products need a superior strategy and high-quality implementation across the entire value chain, preferably from a single source. At Forte Digital, strategy, user experience and technology in digital product development merge with a unique, pragmatic working model that has made Forte Digital the fastest growing digital consultancy in Scandinavia. Forte Digital thus efficiently and quickly creates digital products for their customers and ensures growth through digital success.

Expansion of consulting and implementation expertise

The German branch of Forte Digital, established in April last year, expands its consulting and implementation expertise with digital product management experts from digital agency Webfox and the digital product studio PizzaPizza, both based in Berlin. With Webfox and PizzaPizza, Forte Digital expands its existing competencies with excellent teams in product development, program management, technology as well as service design and UI/UX. Together, the digital consultancy expands its offering for medium-sized companies and international corporations in its fast-growing German team.

"Forte Digital's mission is to establish our successful Digital Success Model in Germany. Our model builds up knowledge at our clients, is efficient and fast - exactly what German customers need. Every client and customer benefits from the knowledge advantage and the advanced pragmatic work approach that we bring in based on the highly digitalized Scandinavian environment," says Joachim Bader, Managing Partner of Forte Digital Central Europe.

Digital Agency Webfox

Webfox has shown itself to be a leader in digital product development for years and works in long-term partnerships with customers such as Audi and Messe Berlin. The team lead by Darius Niroumand, Annika Lewandowski and Nils Hocke anchors digital product development as a software-as-a-service business model and thus ensures stable digital growth for customers. "With its mature methodology and clear structure for product management services, Webfox creates measurable added value for its customers," says Bader. Darius Niroumand, managing director of Webfox, sees the expertise in the important implementation skills. "Most digital projects fail because of implementation. Not with us - we have the methodology and culture to turn business cases into products," he says.

Digital Product Studio PizzaPizza

The digital product studio PizzaPizza has made a name for itself as a high-end boutique for progressive customer projects for, among others, Adidas, Stylefile and Deutsche Bahn. The international team around Fabian Greitemann and Julian Stahl creates relevant user experiences from innovations in UX, especially in ECommerce and Lifestyle Industries. "UX should always promote the business of the customer. User-friendly and descriptive design and the business go hand in hand; our approach is characterized by entrepreneurial dedication," says Fabian Greitemann, CEO and founder of PizzaPizza. "We believe very much in this cross-sectional competence of UX and business, and this is how PizzaPizza clearly distinguishes itself from purely design-oriented UX agencies: PizzaPizza creates measurable growth among customers," says Bader.

Digital Success Model

"Webfox and PizzaPizza are essential to further establishing our unique Digital Success Model - a Scandinavian pragmatic and collegial collaboration, as well as data-driven UX and scalable solution architectures," said Christof Zahneissen, Managing Partner Forte Digital Central Europe.

The Webfox management team around the owners Darius Niroumand, Nils Hocke and Annika Lewandowski, as well as Fabian Greitemann and Julian Stahl, managers and founders of Pizza Pizza, continue to contribute their entrepreneurial spirit to the management team of Forte Digital in Germany.