Ferd Aquires Stake in Forte Digital

Press release:

Ferd, one of Norway's leading investment firms, has acquired a 28 percent ownership stake in Forte Digital. – We are impressed by the tremendous growth the company has experienced, says Morten Borge, CEO of Ferd.

Forte Digital a technology consulting company specializing in digitalization, innovation, and advisory services. Since its establishment in 2017, the company has grown to over 350 employees across Norway, Poland, Denmark, and Germany. In 2022, Forte Digital generated revenues of 284 million Norwegian kroner, up from 185 million kroner in 2021.

– We have had many interested parties knocking on our door wanting to buy Forte Digital, but we have not been for sale. After six years, some of our shareholders now wish to sell some shares, and we are very pleased to have found a good solution with Ferd, says John Kårikstad, founder and CEO of Forte Digital.

Ferd currently owns stakes in several other technology companies, including Mnemonic, Simployer, Norkart, and Trifork.

Morten Borge, CEO of Ferd, is impressed by Forte Digital's client list, deliveries, and growth.

– We have been following Forte Digital for a while and are impressed by the tremendous development the company has achieved in just six years. Through our ownership, we look forward to contributing to further growth in Norway and Europe. Forte Digital has a strong client list and possesses the expertise demanded by the market. Society is undergoing further digitalization, and we strongly believe that there are significant growth opportunities not only in Norway but also in Germany and the rest of the Nordic region, says Borge.

International ambitions

Forte Digital currently has major Norwegian companies such as OBOS, NAF, Farmasiet, Måsøval, and NorgesGruppen on its client list. The latter also owns 10 percent of Forte Digital. The consulting company specializes in building digital platforms to leverage large amounts of data. In 2022, they established new offices in both Denmark and Germany.

Kårikstad reveals that Forte Digital has significant international ambitions.

– With Ferd as our new co-owner, we have greater opportunities to grow faster across Europe. We are working towards making new acquisitions this year, and we are expediting our plans to find new countries to establish ourselves in.

Forte Digital currently serves companies such as Audi, Heute.at, and several e-health startups in the German-speaking markets of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Forte Digital Germany with John Kårikstad, Joachim Bader and Zahneissen

NorgesGruppen remains a steadfast owner

Since 2019, NorgesGruppen has held a 10 percent ownership stake in Forte Digital. Even with the entry of Ferd as a new shareholder, NorgesGruppen remains an essential and steadfast owner.

– NorgesGruppen is not only a significant owner in Forte Digital but also our largest client. They are renowned in Norway and across Europe for their ability to deliver relevant and personalized digital services by leveraging customer data intelligently, remarks Kårikstad.

In Norway, Forte Digital has specialized in grocery, e-commerce, retail, and membership organizations. Kårikstad believes there is significant potential for digitalization in other industries as well.

– We also see great growth potential in new industries, such as aquaculture and manufacturing. The digitization of society will continue with unabated force, and in that development, we aim to play a central role, says Kårikstad.


  • CEO: John Kårikstad
  • Chairman of the Board: Jan Henrik Lindblad
  • Established: 2017
  • Number of employees: 350
  • Revenue 2022: 284 million
  • Offices: Oslo, Krakow, Katowice, Berlin, Copenhagen
  • Major shareholders: Ferd (28%), John Kårikstad (25.2%), Dawid Liszka (13.5%), Norgesgruppen (10%), and Endre Dingsør (10%)

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