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The online store has now been relaunched with a new design, a new visual identity and a new technical platform shortly after the opening of a new robot warehouse in Norway. – Noticeable and clear improvement in customer reviews, says e-commerce manager at Bildeler, Alf-Henning Drage. has, for over 30 years, imported and sold quality parts at the lowest possible price and has experienced rapid development, not least in recent years after the Norwegian investment company Verdane entered the company. has invested strategically in renewing, improving and streamlining its online store in order to be well equipped in an increasingly tight competitive situation. The core of Bildeler's concept has always been high knowledge and high quality at the lowest possible price.

– A search for your license plate number is something everyone in the industry attaches importance to, but Bildeler does not give you a hundred hits when what you need is a very few that you can choose from. We invest enormous amounts of time and resources in ensuring that each individual car model gets the part that fits the best. This ensures satisfied customers, and very few returns, says Alf-Henning Drage who is eCommerce Manager at

New e-commerce platform

Forte Digital was brought in as a technical partner and has contributed to building a future-oriented and flexible platform. The platform has contributed to a 15 per cent faster website and a 20 per cent increase in turnover.

– When Bildeler wanted a scalable solution rigged for internationalization and with a strong focus on content and user experience, we recommended linking the existing ERP solution to Sanity. This provides great opportunities to develop the online store in line with the needs that may arise, and with the third-party solutions that are relevant at all times, says Tobias Grimstad, Chief Communications Officer at Forte Digital.

– We have launched slowly but surely and tested the new online store on existing customers for quite some time. Now we were ready to press the big button, and it has gone beyond all expectations. There have been very few starting problems. We are also very happy that we get so much good feedback from both old and new customers. With the new online store and our new Autostore warehouse, we see a noticeable and clear improvement in customer reviews. What remains is; Lightning fast delivery, easy to find the right part and good prices. Now we look forward to building Norway's best shop for car parts further, adds Alf-Henning in Bildeler.

Collaboration with Neue Design Studio

In the work on renewed branding, UX and design, Bildeler has also collaborated with Neue Design Studio.

– Bildeler has always had a desire to simplify, renew and improve both brand and user experience. This goes hand in hand with our thinking. When they also show up with sky-high competence and high ambitions, we have had a lot of fun together in this process. For us, it has been important to understand the target group well, which quickly pointed in the direction of a solution that was right on point. We have refined the concept around the license plate in the logo, and built the entire user experience from this, says Per Olav Walmann, general manager at Neue.

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