The IT industry has a responsibility

How is it really to work with technology? asked Forte Digital consultants Alis Wiken Wilson and Lisa Enge Haukås from the auditorium at Kuben VGS. Now, they hope that more young people will choose technology-related studies.

This month, Forte Digital visited Kuben VGS to educate students about new technology and user-friendly digital solutions. Alis Wiken Wilson, a developer at Forte Digital, believes that the IT industry has a responsibility.

– Norway needs more technologists. That's why it's incredibly inspiring to talk to young people who find technology and design exciting. I hope even more choose technology-related studies in the future, and for that, it's essential that tech companies like Forte Digital are 'out in the field' and actually talk to young people about all the fun aspects of technology and exciting career opportunities in our industry. It's actually our responsibility, says Alis Wiken Wilson.

Alis Wiken Wilson

She is supported by Lisa Enge Haukås, who is also a developer at Forte Digital. Haukås herself was very unsure about her choice of study direction.

– When I was studying, I wasn't at all 100% sure if I had chosen the right career path. It wasn't until I got a summer job with a real customer project that I discovered that technology was the right path for me. I believe that being allowed to hold presentations like today is incredibly important for young people to open their eyes to what it's actually like to work with IT and technology, says Haukås.

Lisa Enge Haukås

– It has great value.

Tale Futtrup Solfjeld is a program subject teacher at IM Kuben VGS and believes it's important for the IT industry to share practical experiences with students from the working world. She thinks it holds great value.

– Being in the workforce is very different from being a student. We can teach students a lot of the basic knowledge they need, but hearing it from the actual workforce is very different and incredibly important. I believe it holds great value for our students.

Kristian Lien is a second-year student at Kuben VGS with a specialization in information technology and media production.

– We learned a lot about the importance of user-centered development, how to design IT projects and websites. It was incredibly educational! says Kristian Lien.

Technological expertise can solve our biggest challenges

Earlier this fall, it was announced that in next year's national budget, the government is proposing an increase of 255 study places in total, of which 100 are in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). According to figures from the Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals (NITO), Norway needs at least 1700 more study places in this budget.

– Almost 16,000 people are studying technology in Norway today, so an additional 100 study places will not make any difference," says Helene Gundersen at NITO in a statement to

Alis Wiken Wilson believes that more people with technological expertise can contribute to green transformation, sustainability, and reduced carbon emissions.

– If we are to solve some of the major societal challenges we face, which young people in particular are concerned about, we need to educate more in real and technology subjects. I believe that new digital solutions and new technology will help us solve these challenges more efficiently and intelligently.