We need to talk more about the value of business design

Trine Wandsemb-Troye og Anne Gundersen
Trine Wandsemb-Troye is hired as a new senior business designer at Forte Digital. Wandsemb-Troye comes from the position of Team Leader in Knowit Experience.

Wandsemb-Troye has more than 11 years' experience from the consulting industry, in companies such as Bekk and Knowit. She highlights to Forte Digital's investment in design-driven innovation (business design) as decisive for her accepting the offer, Wandsemb-Troye.

– I have followed Forte from the sidelines for quite some time. It's simply a cool company. What Forte has achieved in such a short time is truly impressive, and it is a journey I would like to be part of. The fact that they focus heavily on business design appealed to me, says Wandsemb-Troye.

In November 2021, Anne Gundersen joined as director of Forte Digital's new Business Design unit. Since then, the design environment in Forte Digital has grown with 19 new designers.

– We are incredibly pleased to have Trine on the team. We want to create Norway's best business design environment in Forte Digital, and with the appointment of Trine we are on the right track, says Gundersen.

– We need to talk more about the value of business design

Business design is a discipline that has increasingly gained attention and a foothold within leading innovation environments. Nevertheless, Gundersen and Wandsemb-Troye believe that the entire industry has a job to do to elevate business design as a professional field. Gundersen explains that business design is an insight-driven and practical approach to realizing strategy.

– As an industry, we need to talk more about the value of business design. It's relevant for everyone, because it is about identifying which solutions provide customer value, new growth opportunities and revenue streams, says Gundersen.

– The discipline's strength lies in its natural interdisciplinary nature. With business design, we emphasize both what is perceived as desirable, what makes something viable and what makes something feasible. Here, both technology, organization, strategy and, not least, customer experience play an important role, adds Wandsemb-Troye.

Companies must adopt the discipline's methodology

Uncertainty about economic development is greater than it has been for a long time. Growing inflation and increased interest rates mean that times will be tighter for Norwegian households. Nordea predicts this in a press release from September.

Gundersen points out that many businesses can deal with uncertainty, as well as new sustainability and reporting requirements, by adopting the discipline's methodology.

– We are currently in a demanding economic situation, in addition to the fact that we have to go through major changes in order to reach the UN's 2030 climate goals. It is then important to think creatively, explore and identify new opportunities for value creation and growth in more sustainable ways. Here, we believe that business design plays a central role.