Online pharmacy

At breakneck speed, Farmasiet has grown to become Norway's largest online pharmacy. With its new and robust IT architecture, the online pharmacy can now offer more personalized content, create targeted marketing and deliver world-class customer experiences.





Services Delivered

Development and architecture
UX Design
Design research
Concept development
Content production


Digital service platform
Episerver DXP
inRiver PIM

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Assignment (formerly ‘’) wanted to deliver the best user experiences, to streamline its operations and to create a solid basis for long-term growth. To achieve these goals, a new e-commerce platform and an improved architecture were needed.

Our assignment from Norway's largest online pharmacy was clear: create the best digital shopping experience in the industry built on a reliable and future-fit platform that facilitates scaling and growth.

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Technology and delivery

Farmasiet's new e-commerce platform is built on Episerver Commerce, inRiver PIM and an architecture that contributes to effective value creation through the use of external partners in addition to our own service development. The solution is cloud-based in Azure and handles common pharmacy products in addition to medicines that require a prescription. Throughout the delivery, security and privacy have been key factors for the choice of technology and architecture.

  • Digital service platform developed in collaboration with Forte_ Fusion
  • Episerver Commerce
  • inRiver PIM (product information management/ product catalogue)
  • Integration with industry solutions
  • Bambora as a payment solution
  • Integration with logistics partners
We have set ourselves a goal of achieving a NOK 1 billion turnover by 2023. With our new e-commerce platform, we are well equipped to achieve that. Excellent digital customer experiences are no longer ‘nice to have’ – they are a requirement for success with any online store. With our new solution, I'm sure we've created one of the best digital shopping experiences in the industry.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Farmasiet has experienced enormous revenue growth, especially in the sale of prescription medicines. The new site has contributed to Norwegians now easily, conveniently and safely being able to purchase pharmacy goods online at a time when the pandemic has limited their opportunities to shop physically in stores. With the new site and a completely new e-commerce platform, Forte_ Digital has delivered a modern technical solution that supports long-term growth and profitability.

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Digital service platform

With the new e-commerce platform, Farmasiet’s online store has been equipped with a buffer between the tame and disciplined data in the core systems and the free-flowing "wild" data that is created by the customers themselves through their shopping behaviour in the online store. The result is that Farmasiet can now use valuable data in a far better and more efficient way than previously to develop relevant products and services, personalization and excellent customer experiences.