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Gyldendal Akademisk is a Norwegian academic publisher that delivers teaching aids and products for professional and academic use. With its new digital tool “Riktig” (Correct!), the publisher has gained new ways of disseminating knowledge.


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Development and architecture
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For a considerable time now, Gyldendal has worked purposefully towards becoming even better at disseminating knowledge digitally. At the same time, it has seen a need to develop a more customer-centric approach in its development of textbooks, one that puts the end-user in focus.

The digital age has also created a completely new demand for good digital aids and learning tools from the publisher’s largest customer group, students. In collaboration with Forte_ Digital, Gyldendal Akademisk wanted to explore how to offer users new ways of learning digitally.

Technology and delivery

As a digital partner and supplier, Forte_ Digital has had total responsibility for delivering the technology, strategy and design for the brand new digital learning tool, “Riktig”. Forte_ Digital has delivered a future-oriented, secure and scalable digital service platform based on Microsoft Azure Cloud technology.

As a digital learning tool “Riktig” has been developed and built with the end-user in focus, by way of extensive insight gathering, workshops and analyses. To ensure that students would get a tool that provides professional knowledge in a structured and motivating way, Forte_ Digital has utilized interaction design and user experience as well as graphic design including illustrations and animations.

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With its new learning and teaching tool “Riktig”, Gyldenal Akademisk has gained a fully digital knowledge platform that is equipped for the future. It allows student teachers to access mathematics teaching in an easily understandable way, and is designed to be simple to use and motivating to engage with. The tool also allows users to measure their own teaching progress.

The learning tool has also been well received by the students themselves. “Riktig” set a new user record for a Gyldendal Akademisk product used by students. At least 75 percent of the target group have used the service actively to prepare for exams. The average time students spent using the solution has increased considerably since its launch and over 80 percent of users say they would recommend the product to a fellow student.

At the same time, the tool has helped students to get a better overview of the syllabus, to measure their progress and to get a better understanding of the learning requirements leading up to their exams. The video teaching functionality, clear pedagogical communication and the website's design and user friendliness were particularly popular with the target group.