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KIWI is the second largest grocery chain in Norway with 690 stores and 14,000 employees. In 2016, KIWI launched the loyalty program KIWI PLUSS - which, among other things, gives customers a 15 percent Trumf bonus on fresh fruits and vegetables. Today, over 2 million KIWI PLUSS customers are helped to choose healthier everyday alternatives.

Over the past few years, KIWI has worked with Forte Digital to create the best user experiences for customers. At the center of this is the KIWI PLUSS app.

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"Quick, safe and cheap" is a well-known slogan for most Norwegians. For KIWI, it means helping customers make healthier and better choices in everyday life, while maintaining the lowest prices. In collaboration with Forte Digital, KIWI aims to:

  • Increase the attractiveness of the loyalty program KIWI PLUSS (which is part of Trumf) and the value customers get from saving bonus on every purchase they make at KIWI
  • Increase Trumf revenue generated through KIWI
  • Increase focus on omnichannel, loyalty and personalization
  • Reduce friction in the shopping experience and create a better "phygital" shopping experience
  • Further develop the KIWI PLUSS app
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Forte Digital played a critical role in the iterative development of the KIWI PLUSS app through a collaborative, cross-functional team comprised of technologists, designers, and delivery managers. This involved implementing a new technical structure, conducting insightful research, offering strategic advice, providing graphic and digital design, and mapping out customer journeys and end-user needs.

KIWI themselves have acknowledged that this cross-functional approach was vital in advancing their digital solutions. In March 2023, KIWI launched a digital Trumf card within the app, resulting in increased traffic and an improved shopping experience with fewer obstacles.

Moreover, customers can now easily save Trumf bonus by scanning the digital Trumf card in the customer-facing scanner using their mobile, watch, or credit card, thereby eliminating the need for a physical Trumf card in-store.

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The KIWI PLUSS app now provides customers with the ability to track their bonus savings and see which items they saved on. Additionally, they can access all their receipts for purchases made at KIWI through the app.

Key metrics:

  • 20 percent increase in the use of bonus in-store from February 2022 to February 2023
  • 75 percent increase in daily users of the app
  • Overall increase of almost 200,000 KIWI PLUSS members since January 2022.

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