We have a holistic approach to Cybersecurity. We believe in focusing on answering and validating 4 simple questions related to Cybersecurity.


At Forte Digital we believe cybersecurity should be designed as prevention-first covering all your IT business services. We believe cybersecurity governance decisions should be data-driven and provide meaningful feedback continuously!

We accomplish this by providing services that analyse crucial parts of your cybersecurity posture, provisioning data-driven insights and recommendations. Enabling you to act and prioritize clearly on what matters the most sustaining an adaptive prevention-first cybersecurity framework supporting Security Analytics

Our Approach

We believe in focusing on answering and validating 4 simple questions related to Cybersecurity:

  • Are you secure?
  • Are you prepared when a cyber-attack occurs?
  • Are your security investments “Future Proof”?
  • Are you compliant?

Through customer interaction and dialogue, we have come to understand that these 4 questions are the fundamental questions that customers, boards and managers seek qualified answers to.

Our services

We address these 4 questions by designing and delivering services that analyse basic but crucial cybersecurity hygiene factors in your organisation, which are:

1. Your External Attack Surface (your own and 3. Parties)

2. The Security Posture of your business-critical applications (Referred to as the Crown Jewels) and application interfaces (API))

3. Your Cloud Infrastructure Security Posture. 

4. The code quality of your business-critical applications- Crown Jewels. 

5. Your Human Risk Posture

6. Your Incident Response Preparedness.


Allowing you to act and prioritize clearly. Analysis results are presented in three categories: Critical, High, and Medium with a purposed remediation timeline to provide clarity and prioritization. 

Why Forte Cybersecurity?

At Forte Digital we know that our adversaries don’t fight fair and are opportunistic people with a pure financial motive. Protection against such adversaries requires data-driven direct to the point actions and recommendations – there is simply NO TIME for extensive compliance-driven checklist projects until we have established that status of your basic cybersecurity hygiene factors. 

The Forte Digital cybersecurity services portfolio consists of passive and interactive services, our goal is to provide maximum value without placing an unnecessary heavy burden on you IT and/or Security staff, unless that is the nature of the service offered.

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