Forte Digital Welcomes New Quality Director: – We're going to achieve big things together.

Monica Tvedt og Roger Hoem-Martinsen

Press release:

Forte Digital Continues Focus on Quality and Testing with New Hire. Consulting firm Forte Digital has appointed Roger Hoem-Martinsen as their new Quality Director, further emphasizing their commitment to quality and testing. Hoem-Martinsen, who has worked as an independent consultant in recent years, brings experience in technical solutions for major TV productions such as 'Maskorama' and 'Melodi Grand Prix.'

– Forte Digital has achieved a lot in a short period, and I wanted to be part of this journey. I'm particularly impressed by the rapid growth and ambitions, while maintaining flexibility and a pragmatic culture. It's a great combination. I felt that my ideas resonated with everyone I spoke to. It's a great starting point to achieve big things together, says Hoem-Martinsen.

Monica Beate Tvedt, Chief Technology Officer at Forte Digital, is thrilled with the appointment and describes Hoem-Martinsen as "a coup" for the company.

– We are incredibly fortunate to have Roger join our technology department. Roger is exceptionally knowledgeable and a role model for anyone passionate about quality and testing. With Roger on board, our ambition is for our clients to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night and not expend any energy worrying about the quality of what we deliver to them, Tvedt remarks about the hire.

What are your ambitions in this role?

– Our quality specialists will work to elevate the entire team and organizations through a holistic approach to quality work. All of Forte Digital's consultants should have the toolbox to be advocates for good quality, says Hoem-Martinsen.

– We need to move away from this.

Hoem-Martinsen holds a master's degree in Electronics with a specialization in signal processing from NTNU. He has been involved in numerous significant projects in both the public and private sectors.

– As the famous American statistician William Edwards Deming once said, 'Quality is everyone's responsibility.' I strongly believe in this. We are still in a phase where there is talk of developers versus testers. We need to move away from this."

Roger Hoem-Martinsen er ny Director of Quality i Forte Digital

There is significant room for improvement in how quality assurance is approached, he believes.

– Quality assurance needs to be addressed from both the top and the bottom. Leadership must recognize the value of better quality and understand that it requires substantial effort, while the team must collaborate to ensure the quality of what they deliver, says Hoem-Martinsen and continues,

– Many also struggle with black-and-white thinking and the quest for a one-size-fits-all solution. Either 'we don't need testers' or 'everything must be tested on the way out.' I believe it's important to find pragmatic solutions for each team and organization. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Hoem-Martinsen will be part of the leadership team in Forte Digital's technology department and will lead a team of 10 technical testers and quality specialists.