New COO at Forte Digital

Forte Digital is pleased to announce Johan Grönlund as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO). He is calling for increased focus and investment in digitization in Norwegian senior management groups.

Grönlund, with a background from PwC and most recently Circle K, takes over the role from Endre Dingsør, who has been Forte Digital's COO and partner since its inception in 2017. Dingsør will now serve as COO at Forte Group, with a particular focus on creating synergies and growth in the newly established markets of Germany and Denmark.

As the new COO at Forte Digital, Grönlund looks forward to contributing to and further building the company in Norway.

– I am excited to build upon the fantastic work that has been done to develop Forte Digital into the company we are today. I also believe that we are still only at the beginning of the journey, says Grönlund.

Impressive Resume

John Kårikstad, CEO of Forte Digital, is very pleased with the appointment and states that Grönlund will be a crucial asset in advancing the company.

– Johan has an impressive resume, and I am confident that we have found the right person to help build Forte Digital further. Johan brings exciting leadership experience in product development and technology that will benefit the company. I am very happy to have Johan on board, says Kårikstad.

Grönlund mentions that Forte Digital's vision and ambitions weighed heavily on his decision to accept the position.

– The founders' vision resonated very well with my own ambitions. It's incredibly engaging to meet people who think big and want to make a difference. I am sure that Forte Digital has the organization and maturity to take the next step, and I look forward to being a part of it.

Digitalization Should Be a C-level Responsibility

Grönlund emphasizes that Forte Digital has a strong value proposition in the market and believes the company is well-positioned to assist existing and new customers with digital transformation.

– There are many businesses and entire industries, both in Norway and Europe, that are still at the beginning of their modernization journey to face an increasingly digital future. Few are better positioned than Forte Digital to help ambitious businesses with digital transformation, scaling, and growth, says Grönlund.

He calls for increased focus and investment in digitization in Norwegian top management groups.

– My experience is that digitalization has not quite taken root as a central part of the strategic agenda in many leadership groups. This is, of course, related to the extent to which the profitability of the core business is challenged, but the winners are often those who are ahead of the curve and well-positioned when the change occurs.

Grönlund believes that digitalization should not be considered a task for a traditional IT organization but a journey of change owned by the entire top management. At the same time, he points out that it involves a lot of courage.

– I believe there must be a genuine willingness to change at the CEO level. The organization is generally concerned with what the CEO is concerned about. In addition, I think there must be a critical mass of digitally savvy leaders in top management who know what it takes. You also have to move away from viewing 'IT' as an internal service provider to an integrated part of value creation.

He adds:

– It is largely about challenging old paradigms and daring to try other ways to accomplish the company's mission. In that uncertainty, it can be reassuring to use external experience to increase the likelihood of effective transformation.