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We develop digital solutions that are adapted to the needs of end-users. We deliver large web solutions, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps and internal process tools.

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In 2017, Forte_ Digital was named "Ascender of the Year" by Episerver. As an official Episerver Partner, we deliver quality solutions based on Episerver CMS / DXC Services. We deliver both content-driven web solutions where Episerver is the main component of the solution and bigger digital ecosystems where Episerver is part of a larger solution/architecture. We have certified Episerver developers and architects in both Oslo and Krakow. More information at

Headless CMS

We provide what are now called "headless" CMS solutions, and we have considerable experience with solutions such as Contentful and Prismic. A "headless" CMS is a content database with a simple editor interface and an API that reveals the contents of the database. This type of solution is well suited when you don't produce very much editorial content and when the content is to be used in several different types of digital channels and solutions.

Mobile-adapted applications

At Forte_ Digital we develop our own mobile-adapted applications (native apps) for Android and iOS, as well as responsive web solutions that are adapted for viewing on mobile devices. PWA (progressive web apps) is one of many emerging technologies that will influence the future development of mobile-friendly applications.


We have extensive experience in React, Node.js, ASP.NET/C# and other technologies. We also use cloud technology in most of our projects and have delivered many solutions based on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

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    Gyldendal Akademisk

    Gyldendal Akademisk is a Norwegian academic publisher that delivers teaching aids and products for professional and academic use. With its new digital tool “Riktig” (Correct!), the publisher has gained new ways of disseminating knowledge.

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    Thanks to a digital service platform NorgesGruppen can offer Norway's best loyalty program for its customers through the Trumf initiative.

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