E-commerce platforms

We provide e-commerce solutions that are customer-focused and which support personalization and content that is adapted to individual customer’s needs. We can also develop solutions based on several types of technological platforms, such as Episerver Commerce or open source options such as Virto Commerce.

Focused on conversion

We build e-commerce platforms that are scalable. This means that your e-commerce platform can withstand the traffic that comes to the website, that it can tolerate the growth resulting from new marketing strategies, and that it facilitates personalization and tailored content. It is these factors together that provide online stores with the highest possible conversion rates and sales.

Episerver Commerce

Episerver Commerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the market. One of Episerver’s key strengths is the integration between Episerver Commerce, CMS and Campaign. This makes it possible to combine products with stories and product descriptions, as well as to run campaigns and marketing through Episerver Campaign. More information at Episerver.

Virto Commerce

Virto Commerce is a 100% cloud-based e-commerce platform. Virto is a flexible and powerful solution and has an efficient API that helps your online store to provide personalized service to each individual customer. It has all the functionality required to build a future-proofed online store that is capable of scaling to match performance and traffic requirements. More information at Virto Commerce.

Payment solutions

We provide a number of different types of solutions for online payment and can implement the solutions that suit you best. Klarna is one solution supplier that provides various payment methods, including payment cards and payment by invoice. Another solution that many people use, which also handles transactions with different types of payment cards, is Stripe. Vipps is also becoming more and more popular as a payment solution for online stores. This solution makes it very simple for customers to pay for their purchases.

PIM - Product enrichment

Many people choose to use a dedicated PIM solution for product enrichment. PIM solutions make it easier to expand product data, either via integrations or manually. This can be information about size and color, or images, video and other elements that enrich the description of a product. InRiver PIM is a popular example of this type of solution. Forte_ Digital can help you choose a PIM solution and integrate it into your e-commerce solution.

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